OI Expert

A Professional Program in 7 Master Classes

OI Expert is a Professional Program in 7 Master Classes. If you are a therapist or educator with a foundation in
somatic psychology or body therapy, OI Expert will give you an advanced understanding of, and clinical skills in
neurophysiology and successful trauma resolution. From personality disorders to fibromyalgia, OI Expert prepares you to work with even the most challenging client issues safely and with confidence. A total of 104 CE Credits are available for this program.

Developed and taught by OI Founder Steve Hoskinson, OI Expert shows you the visible physiological keys and the science underlying successful therapy. As a leader in the Somatic Psychology field, Steve worked as International Training Faculty for Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing® Trauma Institute for 17 years and is currently Adjunct Faculty for JFK University’s Somatic Psychology program.

Based on the science of complex systems, OI Expert integrates the latest scientific advances within the fields of psychology, anthropology, biology, and neurology.

An Exceptional Model
The OI Expert Master Class Program has given me
a limitless opportunity to expand my understanding of this
exceptional model and to build and cultivate my therapeutic
and life skills. It has brought personal and professional
awareness to my life I had not considered possible.
Doors are opening and life is richer as I deepen my understanding
of the organic intelligence in myself and the Beings I serve.
I HIGHLY recommend the course. You will not be disappointed!
 Learn to Work Beyond Trauma: How OI Expert Can Benefit Your Practice
  1. Improve your clinical practice by understanding why the focus on client trauma is unnecessary and disorganizing.
  2. Learn a clear map for providing effective support for complex client presentations.
  3. Gain the competence needed to resolve and utilize freeze states for post-traumatic growth spiritual development.
  4. Understand the strategy for clearing multiple traumas concurrently, instead of one at a time.
  5. Acquire the ability to work with challenging client issues safely and with confidence. Your client’s issues will become portals of resilience!

For a detailed overview of learning objectives for all 7 OI Expert Master Classes visit the 7 Master Classes page.

Is OI Expert the Right Program for Me?

OI Expert is a Professional Master Class Program for practitioners and educators with a foundation in somatic psychology or body therapy. This program is based on 20 years of experience training thousands of therapists in trauma resolution. View our Requirements page for admission requirements.

Our Popular Online Learning Platform

OI Expert allows you to learn from the comfort of your home or practice. 80% of the course hours are completed through self-paced online learning, 20% through live online coaching and Q&A with OI Founder Steve Hoskinson.

All OI Expert Master Classes include lectures, graphics, and demonstration sessions. Following each demonstration, Steve guides you through a detailed exploration of all of the subtleties and interventions of the session.

Once you enroll, you will have access to our state-of-the-art online learning platform with streaming High Definition Video, live Q&A, and a community forum. As a bonus, all lectures are available as MP3 audio files for download to your mobile device.

All 7 Master Classes were recorded in front of live audiences.
Students OI Expert Master Class Program

Learn to Work with a Systems-Based Map for Complex Client Situations

OI Expert provides a 3-Phase physiological model to map your client’s state. This map shows you how to track phase transitions and identify the most relevant client behaviors for well attuned interventions. Each Phase — Chaos, Control, and Coherence — has its own identifiable markers which delineate the appropriate interventions to support a client’s natural healing and development.

All OI Expert Master Classes are progressively organized to teach you interventions to move a client from Phase 1 (out-of-control) into Phase 2 (gaining control), and establishing the conditions that lead to Phase 3 (natural self-organization).

Master Classes 1-3 of OI Expert provide the tools for recognizing Phase 1 — Chaos
— and learning specific interventions that stabilize and support the transition from
Phase 1 to the stabilizing Phase 2 work that creates new client agency.

Once clients achieve Phase 2 stabilization, the work moves towards Phase 3 — Coherence — where the innate, organic process of biological self-organization occurs. This is where deep healing happens naturally. Unique to the therapy world, Master Classes 4-7 of OI Expert show how to master this complex process.

OI Expert gives you the detailed, nuanced understanding you need to work with the subtleties and complexities that arise in each Phase. While many approaches address “resourcing” (Phase 2), only OI Expert shows you the visible benchmarks of having achieved adequate stabilization at the physiological level. This is true affect regulation. These Master Classes move you far beyond technique-driven interventions and into the deeply client-centered support for the natural, innate process of reorganization, and your client’s return to resiliency and health on all levels.

Each OI Expert Master Class includes multiple demonstration sessions which are thoroughly debriefed and available for review at your convenience. Being able to repeatedly review actual session work in a detailed manner is invaluable for mastering your new skills.

CE Certificate Program

OI Expert is a continuing education certificate program with a total of 105 contact hours. On completion of the OI Expert Professional Program you will receive an OI Expert Certificate and the OI Expert title and badge for your professional use, as well as featured inclusion in our upcoming professional Directory. To receive the certificate, all certificate requirements must be met.

Included with Every Master Class:

OI Expert Value


Organic Intelligence: A Path of Natural Unfoldment

OI Career Trajectory Map small

Organic Intelligence® (OI) provides the understanding of natural unfoldment, both personal and professional. OI offers professional training levels attuned to your professional goals and personal growth. View the OI Career Trajectory map for a complete overview.

Practitioners and educators with a solid foundation in trauma resolution, somatic psychology or body therapy can start with OI Expert. After completing any three OI Expert Master Classes, students can apply to become Mentors in the OI HEARTraining®. As a Mentor, you will receive your own mentoring to support the 3-year professional training, provide sessions to students, and guide students in their development both during and between Retreats. Mentoring also provides a rich opportunity to advance your own OI skills in individual sessions and with groups.

Organic Intelligence® is neither a regulatory nor licensing organization and therefore not sanctioned to certify, license, or otherwise bestow the legal authorization to practice as a mental health professional. Organic Intelligence reserves the right to approve or deny any application to any training or membership, revoke approval at any time, and approve or deny the participation of any person, at its sole discretion, with or without cause, and in accordance with its policies and the law.